Modern car paints are coated in a tough clear coat which serves to enhance the paint’s color and gloss, while providing protection from UV rays and minor scratches.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.24.56 AM

Over time the clear coat accumulates many shallow scratches from washing and drying, people brushing up against a dirty car, and automated car washes or dirty carwash brushes. Although these scratches are very shallow, they interfere with how the car reflects light, giving a dull appearance. On the sample area above, notice how the lower left side is dull and hazy?  This is typical wear on a car, under the right light, all these defects are easily identified.

Paint Correction Inspection

Applying wax to a car with these defects will temporarily fill in the scratches and reduce the appearance of swirls. However, after a few washes, the wax will wash out and swirls will re-appear.

Rupes Polishing

Our paint correction process permanently takes care of these swirls by abrading them away. Typically, a car’s clear coat is 50 microns thick. Most of these shine robbing swirls are less than 5 microns deep, so we can remove them altogether with a light correction removing 5 microns of clear coat.

Following a paint correction, we can lock in and protect your fresh new clear coat with XPEL Paint protection film. XPEL will actually self heal swirls eliminating the need for subsequent paint corrections. Learn more about XPEL

If you want your car to shine better than the day it left the factory, get in touch for an estimate.